A. PRIME INDIA INSURANCE BROKERS PVT LTD, we are an IRDA Registered Insurance Broker representing you and do business with many Insurance Companies. We offer a wide range of services and products from many Insurance Companies as compared to an agent who represents only one particular Insurance Company, to make sure that your Insurance needs are met precisely at the most competitive price.

    A. Our job is to look after your interests at all times. At PRIME INDIA INSURANCE BROKERS, we will:

    • Study your current Insurance Portfolio
    • Recommend any changes or additions to your existing policy, if necessary.
    • Identify Products suitable for your needs and risks.
    • Get competitive quote from Insurance Companies and bring the best deal to you.
    • Ensure appropriate policies are issued which covers risk sought for.
  • Q} Can PRIME INDIA deal with my existing insurance company/ policy?

    A. You may be perfectly happy with your existing Insurance Company at present. You can appoint us as your Broker and still remain with the same Insurer. Each year, we will check to ensure that it is still the best cover for you based on ever changing risk exposures that you are exposed to. We shall also promptly remind you for your premium due dates and ensure all logistic support for premium collection and payment.
  • Q} Do I have pay extra premium to avail PRIME INDIA's Services?

    A. No. Infact you tend to save if you appoint us instead of going directly to Insurance Companies. We can get you competitive quotes from multiple Insurance Companies and also negotiate to get the best discount possible on your behalf. The Insurance Companies decides the amount of premium; and you will be paying that prefixed amount only. Our revenue is paid by the Insurance Companies so our clients don't have to pay for our services. The client's cheque will be drawn in favor of the Insurance Company.
  • Q} How does Prime India select My Insurance Company?

    A. With the Insurance market becoming mature, Insurance Companies over the time have become product specialists. For eg: TATA AIG may be preferred Insurance Company in case of Liability Products, likewise Bajaj Allianz is a preferred choice when it comes to Health Insurance. Price should not be the only consideration when choosing your Insurance Company; the most important service from your Insurance Company will be the full and prompt payment of the claim when a loss occurs. And you need to therefore look at issues such as financial strength, track record etc. We being an Insurance Specialist, recommend you best Insurance Companies after taking all the above factors into account.
  • Q} How will Prime India assist me in the event of a claim?

    A. Claim settlement forms an integral part of our entire value chain and perhaps assume more importance than any other function within our Organization. We believe if the right policy is taken for the risk there is no reason whatsoever that the Insurance Companies cannot honor your claim. We ensure complete hand holding in the event of claim right from claim reporting, documentation, survey, approval and final disbursement.
  • Q} What is the difference between an Prime India Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. and an Insurance Agent?

    Particular Prime India Insurance
    Brokers Pvt. Ltd
    Insurance Agent
    Customized service
    Risk Management and Audit
    Need analysis
    Research led Approach
    Assistance in premium payment
    Claim handling and management
    Option of buying from different companies
    Insurance Portfolio Management
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